Benefits for you and the People on Probation

By participating in the Education, Training and Employment programme People on Probation will benefit from:

An Employment Consultant supporting them to find work

  • An Employment Consultant supporting to find work
  • Training and qualifications informed by the needs of the local labour market
  • Advice on how and when to discuss the nature of their conviction
  • Reassurance that both they and their new employer will continue to receive advice and support from the Growth Company once they start their job.
  • Regular 1-1 reviews with their Employment Consultants, reviewing progress towards defined goals, as well as Transferable skills and CV support.
  • Phone/email/video support between appointments according to need and one-to-one interventions


Probation Practitioners will have access to soft and hard outcome information (subject to customer agreement), in addition to:

  • Regular feedback on customer progress through Refer & Monitor
  • The opportunity to utilise enforceable hours in a positive, productive way, freeing up time for them to focus on their own more complex / higher risk cases.
  • Reassurance that their referrals are made to a service with a credible track record in finding sustainable employment for people with convictions

Group interventions

We provide People on Probation the opportunity to participate in group interventions where they will work through a variety of topics with our expert advisors and their peers. These include:

  • Self-employment support
  • HGV bootcamp
  • Basic IT for job searching
  • Advice on how and when to disclose convictions
  • Job searching skills and access to job clubs
  • Interview techniques
  • Money management and budgeting life skills

One-to-one interventions

In addition to the group interventions, we also offer one-to-one support to ensure that People on Probation can achieve the most from the programme. This includes:

  • Personalised goals and action planning
  • Personal assessments
  • Job searching skills for service users with IT restrictions
  • Support with gaining photo ID


As a result of the ETE service from the Growth Company, my participant was able to successfully apply for a job. He started work as a delivery driver on a short-term contact. This obviously represents a significant step forward for him (his first gainful employment in a decade) and although he was disappointed that his role didn’t carry on further, he now has interviews lined up with Tesco and ASDA which seem likely to result in additional offers of work.

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