How the CFO Activity Hub Used Participant's Culinary Talents to Build Social Connections and Create Opportunities

  • Friday, April 28, 2023
CFO Activity Hub Case Study JI
  • The Creating Future Opportunities (CFO) Yorkshire Activity Hubs provide a safe space where people on probation can engage in a range of social, creative, and group activities.
  • The purpose of the Hubs is to promote participant wellbeing and social reintegration.
  • Find out how the Hubs used JI's love of cooking to help him build social connections and skills.

The Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs give people the support they need to get back on track. Part-funded by the European Social Fund, the Hubs aim to overcome some of the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to access support in areas such as education, skills development and employability.

JI was referred in November because his probation practitioner wanted him to receive employment and training support and get involved in activities to develop his social skills and allow him to engage in purposeful activity.

When he first attended the Hub, JI was very quiet and reserved and wasn’t interested in attending any groups. At his enrolment, he spoke about his passion for cooking and having experience of cooking for large groups whilst in prison. His support worker used this as a way of encouraging him to engage with a small group. His support worker signed JI up for the cooking class.

JI was involved in choosing the recipes (sticking to an agreed budget) and worked alongside the tutor in mentoring other participants in the group, demonstrating cooking methods and offering them advice and guidance on all aspects of cooking and the ingredients.

JI took great pride in helping people and has received a positive response from both Hub users and staff. His confidence and self-esteem have increased. He has also expressed an interest in becoming a peer mentor. The Hub also gave JI one-to-one support to help him with housing and debt advice, and he continues to receive practical support to manage his bills and letters.

JI is really appreciative of the support he has received and continues to search for suitable employment with the help of his support worker.

Find Out More

Get in touch with the Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs to learn about a range of tailored support, including one-to-one advice, guidance, and group work. The service aims to help people on probation reintegrate into society. 

For more information about the Growth Company CFO Activity Hubs visit: The Growth Company - Employment - Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs