How the CFO Activity Hubs helped CK break their negative cycle

  • Friday, July 28, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company

Part-funded by the European Social Fund, the Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs give people the support they need to get back on track by tackling the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to access support in areas such as education, skills development, and employability.

CK was referred to the Hub back in February earlier this year and struggled to attend any sessions to begin with due to ongoing mental health issues. CK’s support worker contacted him consistently to offer support and accessible routes to enter the Hub at a time or day that he felt most comfortable in doing so. As time passed, CK felt more comfortable and was able to attend his first session but was very anxious and was dealing with substance abuse. His support worker followed CK’s lead and met him at his comfort level.

As mentioned, CK’s support worker met him at his level, calling or texting when he felt comfortable and motivated, empowering him to seek support when he was ready. CK was triggered to make a change as he became fed up of being in an offending/substance abuse cycle and was 3 days clean of substances when he attended the Hub for his first session. After his first session, CK said he felt slightly less anxious to attend and felt excited about the activities.

CK feels grateful for the support he has received but guilty for not attending sooner;

"I wish I’d come to the Hub when you first rang!”

Looking forward, CK wants to participate in the walking and gardening sessions as these are his interests. He would also like support to move closer to his family.

Contact the CFO Activity Hubs in Yorkshire to learn about a range of tailored support, including one-to-one advice, guidance, and group work, enabling individuals to move closer to getting back into employment, training, and education. The service aims to equip offenders with the right skillset needed to help them desist from reoffending and instead contribute to their local communities. 

More information on the GC CFO Activity Hubs.