MC's mental health is "the best its been for a long time" thanks to the CFO Activity Hub.

  • Wednesday, August 9, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company

The CFO Activity Hubs in Yorkshire provide a safe space for individuals to explore their future goals and discover how to achieve them with the support of our friendly team, who assist with the participant’s positive transition back into the community by building social capital.

Part-funded by the European Social Fund, the Hubs aim to overcome some of the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to access support in areas such as education, skills development, and employability.

MC was referred to the CFO Activity Hub at the start of the year and was referred for support around his alcohol consumption and to be able to develop a sense of purpose. He was also struggling with his mental health and self-confidence, making him anxious around attending the Hub.

CFO Activity Hub Case Study MC


MC had been involved with the criminal justice system for many years and was encouraged to get support from the different services in his area. Workers within the system helped MC develop a structure around engaging with different local services in the area and the Hub. MC recognised the Hub as a good place to engage and build his sense of purpose to reduce his alcohol consumption.

MC said he was ready to move forward with his life and wanted to develop a skillset to do so. He hadn’t previously engaged with any services due to his social anxiety but has now been supported by colleagues to recognise the Hub as a positive environment to work in and is now confident in engaging.

He has now successfully followed his engagement structure for over a month now and is feeling he is developing this sense of purpose. He also states that his mental health is the best it has been for a long time, and a lot of this improvement is a result of the Hub’s work.

Speaking on his experience with the Hub, MC said:

“I have needed something like this for ages… This is going to help me make good decisions and not commit more crimes…This is a good environment for me moving forward.”

MC is going to continue to positively engage with the Hub and continue his progress. He is also being supported to work with Blossom Street Changing Lives (alcohol dependency centre) and develop new and pro-social relationships with other participants at the Hub.


Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs

Contact the CFO Activity Hubs in Yorkshire to learn about a range of tailored support, including one-to-one advice, guidance, and group work, enabling individuals to move closer to getting back into employment, training, and education. The service aims to equip offenders with the right skillset needed to help them desist from reoffending and instead contribute to their local communities. 

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