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Sam has taken his first step on the career ladder in his first ever job, thanks to the support of the Restart Scheme

  • Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sam joined the Restart Scheme back in October 2021. After leaving education nine years ago, Sam became a stay-at-home dad. As a single father to two young children, Sam’s main barrier to work was childcare. His CV was a blank canvas – and his lack of work history, transferrable skills and interview experience also played a large part in his struggles in getting into employment.

Sam’s Restart Advisor, Mark, set out to first support him with his childcare needs. Mark and the team provided information and advice as to the childcare options, and Sam research his options online. Thanks to this research, Sam found a solution that would work for him and enable him flexibility to go out to work. Mark also made sure to target roles which were flexible around Sam’s childcare commitments, but also who were willing to recruit individuals with little or no work experience.

Sam attended several job club sessions, where he reviewed available vacancies, and to boost his basic skill set, he attended courses on Mathematics and English whilst on the Scheme. Sam and Mark worked together to ensure that meetings accommodated his training.

At one of their meetings, Sam and Mark discussed a Housekeeping Assistant vacancy, and Sam asked to be put forward for the role. Soon after, Sam was invited to an interview. He headed into his first ever interview and put into practice the skills and advice he has acquired on the Scheme. His interview was a success and the employer offered Sam a trial shift to see what the job entails – a day that Sam says he really enjoyed.

On completion of this trial shift, Sam secured a permanent role. This is great news for him as his new role is also flexible around his childcare commitments, allowing him to work part time whilst still caring for his two young children.

Sam said:

“As a single parent I thought it would be too difficult to find work, but the Restart Scheme provided me with childcare options and helped me to find my first job. Since the Restart Scheme was recommended to me it has made it a lot easier to find work. Since starting my new job I am enjoying the new experience.”

Commissioned and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, The Growth Company delivers the Restart Scheme in South Yorkshire on behalf of Maximus UK, the lead provider for this region.