Working with NSL: Robert’s Story

  • Thursday, April 8, 2021
  • Posted By The Growth Company
Nsl Roberts Story

Robert is yet another person who started his new career with NSL with our support. Read on to hear about his experiences with the UK’s leading provider of civil parking enforcement services in his own words.

“Before joining NSL, I was working at a hotel part-time. It was a struggle to find full-time employment as I have autism and learning difficulties, making it harder for me to find a full-time job. The job centre referred me to The Growth Company and, through their support, I was introduced to NSL. I felt like the Growth Company were very good at understanding what I was looking for in a job.

“When I first started as a Civil Enforcement Officer, I was shy and stressed in my new environment, but as time passed, I got more used to it. Being supported by the Growth Company and working with NSL, I feel I have grown as a person. I feel more confident talking to people and my outlook on life has changed. I am very grateful that I am working full-time at has been a year and a half already.

“The company has helped me become a stronger person and has a good understanding of my specific needs, and I feel I have the full support of my team leaders’ colleagues and managers.

“I feel NSL is a good company to work for and would recommend anyone with a disability to join as they are very understanding, accommodating and diverse. I have learnt many new skills which I’ve taken and used outside of work too, which has boosted my confidence. I have a good laugh with my colleagues and going out enjoying team building exercises. My personal favourite being an archery experience which was organised by one of the managers.

“I hope to be with NSL for a long time and learn new skills and progress. I am very happy in my role and enjoy being outside and interacting with people and helping them. I also like training new starters and helping them understand the role and helping them grow as I did. I feel good about my future in this job.

“The Growth Company was very good at understanding what I want in a job.”

If like Robert, you’re looking for support towards a full time job, get in touch and see how we can help you.

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