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Celebrating Partnerships in GC Employment: Code Nation

  • Monday, August 16, 2021
  • Posted By Joshua Hilton

Code Nation is a unique, business led, digital training provider with a sole purpose of creating work-ready, employable talent. In working with us, and supporting all of our contracts, they’ve offered free coding training to many, many unemployed people. Coding is an ever-important work skill in an increasingly tech-reliant age- through learning coding, Code Nation’s learners are growing their employability skills.

As well as supporting our events, job fairs and meet the clients, Code Nation are happy to speak with and meet clients to discuss courses at any time. Well over 100 people have been sent from us to attend courses with Code Nation, and 2 clients from our Work and Health Programme have even gained employment with them!

We asked Ezra Christensen, Admissions Advisor at Code Nation, about his thoughts on the partnership with GC Employment:

“We were recommended to the Growth Company via one of their existing customers, and since working with them, we’ve found the experience to be fantastic. We’ve now been working together for years, and the ongoing and consistent support for us and their participants is unmatched. The candidates referred over to us by the Growth Company have been brilliant- our Coding course has been carefully selected and recommended for every individual, making sure it’s the right fit for them. We’d absolutely recommend the services of the Growth Company to other companies and businesses- they support their participants to no end, no matter their circumstances!”

If you’re a small business looking to recruit new staff, or if you’re an individual looking for work or a change in career- we can help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the employment support available to you.

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