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Refugees Week 2022: Support is available

  • Wednesday, June 22, 2022

This week is Refugee Week, a UK-wide event celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. This year’s Refugee Week theme is healing. To heal is to recover and rebuild, and no one can understand this more than refugees who have had to leave their homes to find safety – seeking new lives away from the familiarity of their community.  
We’re proud to offer services to refugees to help them rebuild and start their new lives. 
Our employment services are designed to give support to individuals from all walks of life, to remove barriers to work and find them sustainable and meaningful employment. 
Through our services, refugees in the UK have access to:  
One-on-one, personalised job advice, tailored towards their own individual barriers to work 
A specialist job advisor, there to help them find work, apply for jobs and to support them as an individual 
Accredited free courses, for everything from employability skills to specialised vocational courses designed to help refugees apply for jobs in specific sectors and industries 
Skills appraisals and CV clinics, helping people to understand their current skill level, their transferable skills and how to best showcase these to employers. 
Job schemes and academies designed to give individuals experience in a specific role, with guaranteed job interviews. 
Our award-winning recruitment team, dedicated to finding them a job that will work for them and their skills. 
‘Recent reports have found that participation in the labour market is one of the most important factors impacting long-term integration into society. The UK currently has no national strategy to aid the transition of refugees into the labour market, and instead relies on non-governmental organisations and community-based charities to provide specific and tailored refugee employment services. The Growth Company is committed to providing support to all individuals, via a range of employability services, and supports refugee communities through our employment programmes, including the Work and Health Programme, which gives priority access to refugees, National Careers Service and Skills Support for Employment.  In addition, we work with, and link our customers into support from specialist schemes for refugees and we have recently directly supported 11 people into employment, and over 100 others with advice, careers guidance and understanding of the UK labour market, via our ‘United for Ukraine’ service’.  Michelle Leeson – Managing Director – Employment 
For more information about how we can support you, contact us today by clicking here. We’re here to help.