Winning Ways - GC announces second club partnership with Sheffield Wednesday FC Community Programme

  • Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Growth Company’s South Yorkshire Personal Wellbeing Service are excited to announce our second club partnership with Sheffield Wednesday FC Community Programme. After a successful pilot programme with Club Doncaster Foundation, we will be working together to deliver “Winning ways” an 8-week course designed to educate and inspire people on probation to change. The course aims to provide people with the skills and knowledge to take steps towards living a healthier and more fulfilled life and ultimately reduce the chances of re-offending. The Growth Company will deliver weekly educational interventions focussing on enhancing emotional wellbeing and SWFCCP will be facilitating weekly physical activity such as football, circuit training and gym sessions.

Ben Winter, Operations Manager at SWFCCP said:

“This work compliments another project that we deliver within prisons and will expand the support we offer for people trying to move away from a life that has involved crime, it’s a very exciting partnership and I look forward to seeing it evolve”

Rob Ward, a Health Officer at SWFCCP said:

“We are always excited (at SWFC Community Programme) to partner with new projects and this project fits into my priority area of supporting men’s health. To encourage ‘healthier lifestyles’ and to provide a truly inclusive timetable, we must provide a space for all sectors of the community.”