Our Pass

GC works with Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester to deliver Our Pass, a membership scheme for young people who live in Greater Manchester.

What is Our Pass?

Our Pass gives Greater Manchester’s 16-18 year olds, and care leavers aged 18-21 access to free bus travel and reduced tram travel - as well as exclusive offers and experiences - for a one-off £10 fee.

Our Pass coincides with a big moment in young people’s lives - as you leave school or care, you’ll face decisions that’ll shape your future. These are never easy decisions to make, and many young people face significant challenges as they make them. Our Pass tackles these challenges head on. Membership not only improves accessibility to jobs and learning through free bus travel – essential to those who couldn’t otherwise afford to travel – but through exclusive offers and experiences encourages you to make the most of what Greater Manchester has to offer.

It’s more than just a travel card – introducing Our Pass ‘Exclusives’

With Our Pass Membership, you can get access to much more than free local bus travel and discounts on the tram…

You can register for an Our Pass ‘Exclusives’ account and get access to offers, events, discounts and experiences - from merchandise, festival tickets, careers tasters, behind the scenes, free stuff, sports and leisure passes… and loads more.

‘Exclusives’ are for young people, many designed to support you during the ongoing cost of living crisis – and there are different types of ‘Exclusives’ to reflect the diversity of young people across Greater Manchester, wherever you live. Since Our Pass launched in 2019, more than £2.5 million worth of discounts and offers have been made available through the scheme.

For more information, visit the 'Our Pass' website