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GC Employment: Empowering People to Make a Difference

  • Monday, August 14, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company
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  • The Growth Company (GC) is a leading provider of employment services across a range of economic sectors and geographical regions.
  • Our services cover employment support and legal advice, wellbeing, justice, recruitment (B2B), refugee support, and managing money.
  • Learn about the positive impact we have on the lives of individuals and community cohesion. 

“It’s fantastic, the help I got from GC Employment, that’s the only way I can describe it.” 

Many of the people we empower to make a change say this about us. One such person who we helped was Sarah, previously self-employed, things had changed for her during the pandemic, and through our support she was able to get back into work through the Restart Scheme.

There are many reasons someone can become unemployed, a lack of skills, caring responsibilities, redundancy, depression, external factors and so on. These can all affect a person’s ability to find work. For example, Joanna was long-term unemployed and as a lone parent she was finding it difficult to find work that would fit around her caring responsibilities. 

As uncertainty still hangs over the UK economy following the political turbulence of September 2022, Brexit, global markets and the cost-of-living crisis, many employers have had to face tough decisions, and this has impacted on recruitment. Although the UK is predicted to narrowly miss entering a recession it is still at risk. This means businesses are concerned and less likely to invest in recruitment, instead tightening their belts. As a result, recruitment numbers are predicted to fall slightly going into 2024.  

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recent results on the UK labour market show unemployment rate rises, you can find an overview of these here for the last quarter. As a leading provider of employment and people services GC Employment offer a range of ways to help people back into employment or training and help make a lasting difference.  

Our services empower people to gain meaningful employment, this is often the foundation upon which they can improve the quality of their lives, their families, and their local communities.  
Despite the pandemic, over the past three years we have supported nearly 37,000 individuals into sustained employment, and 52,000 people into training, we have been able to make a positive difference in their lives. In the last year alone, we have placed over 17,000 individuals into work.  

Michelle Leeson, Managing Director of GC Employment said, “Our strength lies in our ability to build stronger communities and that can only be achieved if we can empower people by making a positive difference in their lives. Despite the unsteady nature of the UK Economy in recent times, our ability to forge strong relationships with businesses has enabled us to successfully deliver contracts moving people into training and employment, helping them to lead the lives they envisage for themselves.”  

Sarah’s restart scheme advisor was able to identify Sarah’s strengths and skills and managed to get her an interview at a hotel spa. This was excellent for Sarah as it played to her strengths and suitability. Coaching Sarah in interview techniques and providing other support meant Sarah’s confidence grew, this was further increased when Sarah secured the job whilst at the interview. You can read more about Sarah’s journey back into employment here.

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