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The Restart Scheme finds Sarah the “perfect job” after just 2 meetings

  • Monday, September 5, 2022

Sarah began her journey on the Restart Scheme at our Salford branch back in April this year. She had previously been self-employed prior to the pandemic and was keen to continue in a similar vain or in a similar role.

Sarah’s Restart Scheme Advisor, Amy, quickly identified her needs, skillset, and ideal role, then set about getting Sarah in touch with the wider team. She was booked an appointment with NCS to get her CV up to date and was also introduced to the Employer Engagement Consultant team (our in-house recruitment team).

Amy made several calls and was determined to find an organisation that was suitable for Sarah. Shortly after, Amy managed to secure an interview for Sarah, working in a hotel's spa. Sarah was offered a session on interview techniques for her to practice likely scenarios and questions that could be asked. Amy and the team made sure that Sarah was able to get to and from the interview and was offered the opportunity to purchase interview clothes free of charge.

Sarah was successful at the interview and both her and Amy ran through the in-work support process, explaining to Sarah what was available around travel expenses for the first month, with the Restart Scheme covering the cost of anything work-related. She started work at the beginning of June, approximately just 6 weeks after her initial Restart appointment.

Sarah had this to say about her experience with the Restart Scheme:

“Thanks so much for helping me find a new job and what a wonderful opportunity you have found for me to be able to put me skills to use. Having been self-employed before the pandemic, trying to rebuild my business was taking longer than expected so I decided to look for something more permanent. I worked hard for my qualifications, and I didn’t want tit to have been a waste of time…

When meeting Amy at the Restart Scheme, she helped me find a job that suited me in an area of my expertise. After just 2 meetings, you managed to get me an interview… after the interview I got offered the job on the spot!.. I am really pleased with the help from the team for helping me find my perfect job.”

Commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, The Growth Company delivers the Restart Scheme in Greater Manchester on behalf of Ingeus, the lead provider for this region.