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Case studies

Winning Ways: How the Personal Wellbeing Service helped Stephen into Work

Winning Ways is an 8-week course designed to educate and inspire people on probation to make positive, sustainable changes to their lives. Find out how the course helped Stephen, a former chef, expand his skillset and find a job.

How the CFO Activity Hubs Gave ST a 'Fresh Start' Following a Flat Fire

ST was referred to the Hub in 2022 after a fire damaged his flat. Having been forced into temporary accommodation and struggling with his mental health, ST was encouraged to seek support.

GC Employment: Empowering People to Make a Difference

The Growth Company (GC) is a leading provider of employment services across a range of economic sectors and geographical regions. Learn about the positive impact we have on the lives of individuals and community cohesion. 

MC's Mental Health is "the Best it's Been for a Long Time" Thanks to the CFO Activity Hub

MC was referred to the CFO Activity Hub at the start of the year for support around his alcohol consumption. He was also struggling with his mental health and self-confidence, making him anxious about attending the Hub.

How the CFO Activity Hubs Helped CK Break their Negative Cycle

CK was referred to the Hub back in 2023. In the beginning, he struggled to attend any sessions due to ongoing mental health issues. Find out how we helped CK overcome these challenges.

Jane’s Story: “I Love Being Back at Work”

Jane lost her job due to having cancer. Through our Employment Legal Advice service, we helped her get legal advice - which resulted in a successful outcome. With support from our Working Well (Work & Health) programme, we also helped Jane secure a new job.

How the CFO Activity Hub Used Participant's Culinary Talents to Build Social Connections and Create Opportunities

JI was referred in November because his probation practitioner wanted him to receive employment and training support and get involved in activities to develop his social skills. Find out how the Hubs used JI's love of cooking to achieve these goals.

Breaking Barriers: How the CFO Activity Hub Secured Participant's First Job

BC was referred to the Hub in 2022, two years into a Youth Referral Order. Learn how we helped him find his first ever job.

Stephen Reunited with His Family Thanks to the Restart Scheme

A Liverpool man has been reunited with his wife and children after receiving support from the Restart Scheme.

Aarron is Supported by IPES into a Job that Fits His Life Like a Glove

Aarron, based in Hyde, was looking for work. He had been having trouble finding a role that suited him due to multiple complex health conditions and learning difficulties. He was referred to Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) and this is when things started to change for the better.

The Restart Scheme Helps Scott Build Self-Employment Success

A Rotherham man who was out of work for two years has achieved his dream of being self-employed after the Restart Scheme helped him to set up his own business.

Winning Ways Proves Good Fit for Bryn

Bryn was referred to The Growth Company’s wellbeing services by his probation officer earlier this year. He was finding life difficult following his conviction and needed some support to regain his confidence to access mental health support.